Mr. Piperakis decided to share with the world the secret hot sauce recipes that belonged to his family for years!

That’s why he came to Abnormal Studio, to create with us his new brand; actually, he was just looking for a good excuse to put his face on a bottle!

Piperakis’s products (and his lovely face) are made for everyone, but mostly for daring people that don’t hesitate to try new experiences and flavors! So, with craze and humor, SPICY STUFF by PIPERAKIS was released to the wild! Based on custom lettering and illustrations along with smart solutions as stamps on empty boxes and paper wicks, we created a playful brand with street and grunge references, while keeping the production cost low.

We were proud to receive the 2019 EΒGE Award of the food packaging category while keeping the smile on Mr. Piperakis face! 

Also, we are happy to share with everyone, Abnormal Hottie, one of the fonts we created for this project.


Creative Direction: Adel Sanusi, Antonis Thedorakis
Design/illustration: Antonis Theodorakis, Stefanos Milionis, Dimitrios Schinarakis
Animations: Konstantina Tsigka
Photography, Art Direction & Styling: Dimitrios Schinarakis

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