We were assigned to create the brand ID of Giga Beaches, a summer show that aired in Saki's Tanimanidi's Instagram account and aimed to promote Giga Max by Cosmote.
The show invited famous guests to compete and win prizes for the audience while promoting the beauty of Greek beaches.
The challenge was to create a branding system for exclusive use on mobile screens that fits Instagram's style while promoting the product without being disturbing. 
In this context, we created a new font that introduced animation flexibility, it can transform into many titles from the same principle.

The brand was also customised by its own motion elements. Logos and titles were surrounded by more icons and graphics which acquired life through specific animation rules. This way they all lived in the same world and completed the experience of vertical view format of a mobile phone screen and Instagram's UI.​​​​​​​

Production: Reach Media
Creative Direction: Abnormal Studio - Reach Media​​​​​​​
Illustration:  Antonis Theodorakis & Stefanos Milionis ​​​​​​​& Dimitrios Schoinarakis
Post Production: Adel Sanoussi & Vasilis Maniatis
Music & Sound Design: Ted Regklis

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