Reborrn and Coca Cola Greece assigned us to create a fresh video that calls people to participate in "Digital Visioneers". We had a blast creating a new visual language for Coca Cola that revolves around magic collabos, rocket astronauts, flying books and your closet's creatures.

​​​​​​​Production Abnormal Studio
Creative Direction Antonis Theodorakis
Crew & Equipment DK Katranidis
Art Direction Stefanos Milionis ​​​​​​​& Konstantina Tsigka
Illustration Stefanos Milionis ​​​​​​​& Antonis Theodorakis & Dimitrios Schoinarakis
Client Reborrn

Shot by ABNORMAL STUDIO for commercial use by CCHellas. Authorized for display in this site for a limited period of time. All rights reserved.

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